Aon – Hastings

NZIA Award Jury’s Citation (Commercial Building): “This building illustrates how, through the modulation and scale of the facade elements, a degraded stretch of Karamu Road in Hastings can be improved. Aon revives the street edge through contrasting horizontal and vertical elements – glazing interspersed with off-form concrete walls – that contribute towards a vibrant and environmentally responsive design. The visual mass of the building has been diminished by the set back of the upper floor, while vertical louvres provide a consistent rhythm across the façade. The entire design concept re-claims the street and provides an inviting space for the company’s staff and the wider community.”

NZIA Award Jury’s Citation (Interior): “The overwhelmingly positive staff reaction to their new work environment speaks volumes of the success of this interior project. Confident and vibrant, the design benefits from consistent detailing across both ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ fitout elements. The result is a cohesive and complete interior experience. The architect has succeeded admirably with a varied material palette that includes vibrant hexagonal coloured pads, various timbers, and soft furnishings that bring warmth and texture. Well-crafted details, such as interior window projections and faceted timber panels, lift the entire experience well above the prosaic and contribute to a warm, rich and humanly scaled workplace.”

Photographs: Richard Brimer